We provide a highly-effective, individualized educational approach

that not only leverages the unique learning styles of each student,

but tightly weaves character education into the fabric of the school’s culture.

Our community is comprised of involved parents, passionate educators, and excelling students, who believe in fostering and elevating each student’s greatest potential. Click here to see our Mission, Vision, and Belief statements.


Beyond curriculum, we’re also about integrating character education. We’re designing a community where everyone feels like they belong and differences are more than just tolerated, they’re embraced.


We see STEM education as a doorway to a long overdue paradigm shift. It’s rooted in real-world applications and problem-solving to develop creative, critical thinkers. Most problems have more than one solution, so we’re adding dynamic layers to an industrialized system of teaching the national standards.


Clayton-Bradley Academy is blazing new trails by creating a unique partnership between educators and business to offer students real-world experiences in an integrated STEM learning environment.

At the forefront of the movement in STEM schools, CBA utilizes the latest high-tech tools and integrates instruction using 1:1 technology for all grades.

Our exceptional teachers are hand-selected and are among the region’s best and brightest. These educators create progressive new models that rise to the challenge of an ever-changing world.

Clayton-Bradley Academy is a joint effort between the non-profit organization Innovative Education Partnership and Clayton Homes. The school bears the names of the Maryville-based business Clayton Homes and visionary school leader, Patricia Bradley, a 30+ year veteran educator. The private, coed small-school community opened in the summer of 2013 with approximately 75 students in grades K-6. We have since grown to offer Preschool through 12th grade. Plans for future growth include adding a new Upper School facility with lab and design spaces engineered for project-based learning, as well as a 250 seat Fine Arts Center. Clayton-Bradley Academy is located in Blount County, convenient to Knoxville and the surrounding areas.

Clayton-Bradley Academy is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge learning management systems, and integrated digital audio/visual instructional systems, thanks to Digital AV.

Our 1:1 technology to students and faculty ratio allow real-time collaboration for students and teachers. This ground-breaking method not only links teachers and students in real-time, but it also sets Clayton-Bradley Academy apart from other learning institutions.

Clayton-Bradley Academy offers seamless, on-campus internet connectivity, for both indoor and outdoor classrooms. Complete with a fiber optic bandwidth and world-class wifi, the school links virtually, in real-time, to rich teaching resources such as Oak Ridge National Labs, Y-12, University of Tennessee, Maryville College, The Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, and more.  Read more about our technology here.

What is STEM?

STEM education is driven by problem-solving and discovery through individual exploration and classroom collaboration. Supported by a host of studies, STEM-focused education helps prepare students for a large percentage of the fastest growing occupations, many of which require significant mathematics and science preparation to successfully complete the job. Clayton-Bradley Academy is an active member of the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, which is a resource for sharing innovative ideas between schools, businesses, scientific research institutions, and community partners across Tennessee.

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