High Expectations

Clayton-Bradley Academy is dedicated to creating a student-centered,

positive, and challenging environment

where all students excel.

Students will be continuously assessed, in multiple ways, so they can reach their highest potential, regardless of age or grade. It is more essential than ever that we constantly re-evaluate what we believe students should know.

As higher expectations –state standards, benchmarks, tests, etc.—wind their political course, too often the result is more of the same—more dates, more facts, more definitions, more homework. We need to reduce the number of standards by writing them conceptually so they can take us deeper into meaningful content, which in turn allows students to immerse themselves in understanding and learning and to use what they understand in real-world ways.

Being-There Experiences

Understanding and learning to use the knowledge we acquire require time and “being-there experiences” for the brain to engage and make those mysterious physiological changes that result in long-term memory.

Adequate Time

Clayton-Bradley Academy understands how adequate time is a guiding principle of a student’s development. In fact, we believe it is a critical element for successful learning and performance.

Learning is Joyous

Joyful learning does not require coercion or irrelevant reward (Smith, Insult to Intelligence). Learning is its own reward. In fact, feedback that tells us we have succeeded at learning a task produces a burst of neurotransmitters and a “chemical high” that is readily observable. This spark or burst of joy happens as the child’s “aha” moment registers. The more immediate, intrinsic, and unambiguous the feedback, the faster and more accurate the learning. We focus on this kind of joyous learning, as opposed to worksheets or dittos that rarely provide self-correcting or intrinsic feedback and consequently, leave children feeling rudderless, confused, powerless, anxious, bored, and dependent on someone else.

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