Clayton-Bradley Academy students are problem-solvers,

innovators, logical thinkers, and

self-reliant individuals.

Clayton-Bradley Academy students passionately apply logical, rational, and creative thought to develop the skills needed to find solutions, establish successful learning styles, and use technology appropriately.

Integrated STEM Curriculum

Rooted in real-world, ‘being-there’ experiences.

STEM education, which revolves around science, technology, engineering, and math, is driven by problem-solving and discovery through individual exploration, classroom collaboration, and real-world experiences. Within this integrated learning model, students learn to actively engage in a situation to find its solution.

At Clayton-Bradley Academy, STEM philosophy is finely woven into academics and the arts. Along with these fulfilling lesson plans, our accomplished educators combine the latest technology with the rich, natural resources of the Smoky Mountains to explore problems and accelerate the students’ ability to excel in academics.

Learning is joyous.

At Clayton-Bradley Academy, curiosity is nourished, individualism is celebrated, and learning has meaning. Driven by shared values, we foster positive relationships between students, educators, and parents.

Top educators shepherd students.

Experienced, passionate teachers lead each student – as an individual – to reach their highest potential as a critical, creative thinker and leader.

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