Donate to Clayton-Bradley Academy

At Clayton-Bradley Academy, we count on your support to ensure our school is successful for all students. We have three main types of donations:

General Donations

  • General donations are to help the school with day-to-day operations. Donors, foundations and corporations (who support the mission of a unique, high-performing, innovative K-12 school in East Tennessee) are invited to help provide Clayton-Bradley STEM Academy with capital for day to day operations like technology for students, furnishings and site enhancements.

Scholarship Donations

  • We believe this opportunity should be available to any student who would most benefit from this type of learning environment. Sponsors will have the opportunity to offer full-scholarships to low-income students who have the potential to excel in a STEM environment. Donations will also sponsor partial financial aid to eligible families with an unwavering commitment to the mission and vision of Clayton-Bradley Academy.

Annual Fund Donations

  • Donations to our annual fundraising campaign can be made as a one-time gift or as an automatic monthly donation.

To make a one-time donation for the General, Scholarship, or Annual Funds, please click the button below.

One Time Gift

To make an automatic monthly donation to any of the funds listed above, please click the button below.  If you currently have a FACTS account, you may just add the automatic monthly donation to your account.  If you do not already have a FACTS account, you may set one up at no cost to you by clicking the button below and select “Start Here” on the following page.

Automatic Monthly Donation

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