At CBA, our classroom cottages are intentionally designed to create an optimal learning environment for students, from the earth tone paint colors in each cottage, to flexible lighting and seating arrangements.

The 8,590 square-foot multi-purpose Family Center houses a cafe, administrative offices and workrooms, and a performance stage where family gatherings are held every Wednesday morning.

Our 45,000+ square-foot Main Building houses administrative offices, our teacher training center, gymnasium, clinic, and customized, state-of-the-art classrooms and labs.

Fiber optic internet offers high-speed internet for both indoor and outdoor classroom use.


Students have opportunities to work in the school gardens, including our rooftop hydroponic garden. Each class is assigned a garden space which they may use to support and enrich their curriculum. Favorite classroom treats include kale chips, strawberries, and salad bars with garden-grown lettuce.

Along with our Preschool and K-8 playgrounds, students and teachers also take advantage of our covered pavilion which is perfect for eating lunch outdoors. 

In 2019-2020, Clayton-Bradley Academy plans to add an Upper School facility with lab and design spaces engineered for project-based learning, as well as a 250-seat Fine Arts Center.

Clayton-Bradley Academy is located near Pellissippi Place, which is part of the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley. The founding purpose of Pellissippi Place includes a deep focus on research and economic development for the Blount County area; a STEM school has always been part of that vision. In addition to its innovative approach, a school valuing STEM education like Clayton-Bradley Academy helps support the local economy by attracting other companies to the area.


Student Ambassadors

Our Student Diplomat program builds leadership and communication skills and enhances connections with CBA stakeholders. Student Diplomats are nominated by teachers, attend training sessions, and represent our school in a variety of different ways through family socials, holiday meals, concerts, presentations, community events, and tours.

The Student Diplomat program is not the only way for students to build their social and leadership skills. All CBA students have the opportunity to represent their class as Student Ambassadors. Ambassadors practice speaking and listening skills by welcoming visitors to their classrooms, sharing about our brain-based instruction model, and answering questions about the topics and projects they are engaged in.

Family Gatherings

Families, friends, faculty, staff, and students are invited to attend Family Gatherings every Wednesday morning from 8:30-9:00am in the Family Center. Each grade level is responsible for hosting several Family Gatherings during the year to showcase the topics, projects, and activities their class is focusing on. These student-led programs can be video productions, skits, oral presentations, or other celebrations of learning.

Family Gatherings offer students the opportunity to gain confidence on stage, practice presentation skills, and share what they are learning with the CBA community.


Bobcat Buddies

Bobcat Buddies is a program that takes place every Wednesday and builds community across our campus. Bobcat Buddies pairs younger students with older students and allows them to build valuable friendships and learning partnerships throughout the year together. Bobcat Buddy groups enjoy team building activities, read together, or work on enrichment projects each week. As we place a strong emphasis on relationships building, this program is mission critical for our campus. 

Council Houses

Our goal for Middle School Council Houses is to build community across the Middle School, drive positive behavior, and encourage student ownership of their Middle School experience. Students spend time with their Council Houses each week building relationships, as well as planning and participating in community service projects. 

CBA kicks off the school year with a special retreat for Middle School students. At this retreat, sixth grade students and new students are sorted into the Council Houses that they will belong to during their sixth, seventh, and eighth grade years at CBA. True to our region our Council Houses take their names from the Cherokee Nation's most beloved animals.


Extracurricular Activities

CBA students are encouraged to participate in a variety of after-school clinics, clubs, and teams. We are always expanding our extracurricular offerings based on student interests.

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