Lower School Teachers

Stacie Hutchinson


Grade you teach or position held: Kindergarten
Degrees/Certifications: Masters; M.A./ CCC-SLP
Hometown: Manahawkin, New Jersey
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less: I’ve been a Speech-Language Pathologist since 2000 working with individuals ranging from infancy to geriatrics in settings such as home health care, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation, and schools. During my studies, I became interested in aiding
children in verbal, processing, and cognitive skill areas. I have used my knowledge and expertise in the areas of speech and language in the classroom as it is crucial for children to achieve success as they progress in their education.
Fun fact: I’m a Jersey Girl, where we go crabbing and don’t pump our own gas!
Favorite thing about CBA: The way in which LIFESKILLS and Lifelong Guidelines are integrated into the curriculum, at CBA there is no ceiling on learning.


Melissa Stedina


Ms. Stedina’s Website
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Grade you teach or position held: Kindergarten
Degrees/Certifications: University of Tennessee, M.S.
Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Tell us about your experience in three sentences or less: Since 1995, I have spent my entire teaching career teaching young children in kindergarten. I have also mentored over 30 interns from the University of Tennessee, Maryville College and LMU. I love having the opportunity to be a child’s first teacher in school and set a positive tone for the many years that follow.
Fun fact: I have hiked over 120 miles of trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in less than one year.
Favorite thing about CBA: Wonderful families and excited children


Linda Dotson

First/Second Grade

First Grade Video

Grade I Teach: First and Second grade loop at CBA
Degrees/Certifications: Maryville College BA, University of Tennessee
MS +9
Hometown: Flemington, New Jersey
Experience: I have taught Special Education in grades K-5, and grades 1-
5 in the regular classroom. The majority of my career has been spent teaching first and second grade.
Fun Fact: I grew up living in the house built by my great grandparents in
the late 1860’s. Some visitors to my home are sure they have heard my
great grandmother’s ghost walking the floors!
Favorite Thing About CBA: I love that the CBA philosophy is fundamentally child-centered and the dedication of the teachers and staff here who have a heart for children.


Jenna Jackson

First/Second Grade

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Grade you teach or position held: 1st and 2nd Grade Loop
Degrees/Certifications: Tennessee Technological University, Masters of Arts in Instructional Leadership and Bachelor of Science in MDS K-6
Hometown: Maryville, TN
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less: I have taught grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and art in my 10 years of teaching! Looping for 1st and 2nd grade has been my favorite so far. I enjoy having the two years together with one class, while getting to know the students and their family well.
Fun fact: I love being outside and on the lake!
Favorite thing about CBA: Having the opportunity to be a creative teacher, give students choice, teach in our outdoor environment, and to help create lifelong learners!

Candice Huffstetler

Third Grade

Grade you teach or position held: 3rd Grade Teacher
Degrees/Certifications: Tennessee Technological University, Bachelor’s Degree in Multidisciplinary Studies with an Elementary Education Concentration, Certified K-6
Hometown: Maryville, TN
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less: This is my second year at CBA, but my first as a head teacher. Last year I worked at the school as a full-time TA in both 3rd and 5th grades. I graduated magna cum laude from Tennessee Tech University in May of 2016. Outside of school, I enjoy cooking, reading, going to the movies, and spending time outdoors.
Fun fact: I am an only child.
Favorite thing about CBA: The closeness between everyone and how it feels like one big family.


Jennifer Webster

Fourth Grade

Grade you teach or position held: 4th Grade
Degrees/Certifications: BS – Wildlife Biology, MA – Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less: I have spent my entire adult life teaching, sharing experiences and learning alongside students young and old, both in and out of traditional classrooms. Before joining Clayton Bradley Academy, I served as the School Program Director at Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, as well as Education Director for the McDowell Environmental Center and was the founding director of the Holly Creek Farm School in Greeneville, TN. I spend my free time enjoying the Smoky
Mountains, the Little River and my garden in Walland, with my husband, Jesse and my son, Lyle, who attends Clayton Bradley Academy.
Fun fact: I once stood on the largest island, in the largest lake, in the United States.
Favorite thing about CBA: The wonderful CBA students who crave learning!


Amy Lovin

Fourth Grade

Grade you teach or position held: Fourth Grade
Degrees/Certifications: Illinois Wesleyan University, B.F.A, 1995; Lincoln Memorial University, Master of Education, 2015
Hometown: Bloomington, IL
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less: After years of directing an after-school program and teaching preschool, I went on to get my Masters. I joined the CBA faculty, first as a part-time kindergarten teacher, then as a fourth-grade teacher. I love our fourth-grade team!
Fun fact: I have two teenagers, both of whom play competitive soccer. I am never without a game to watch!
Favorite thing about CBA: I love that we reimagine education. CBA has done an amazing job creating a nurturing learning environment in which students feel safe to experiment and explore.

Cherie M

Cherie Miller

Fifth Grade

Grade you teach or position held: 5th grade
Degrees/Certifications: Maryville College, B.A. Sociology, 2002; University of Tennessee College of Law, J.D. 2005; admitted to the TN Bar in October 2005; Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, M.Ed 2007.
Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less: After graduating law school, I decided to not pursue a career in law but go back and get my Masters in Education with a focus in elementary education. Since beginning my teaching career, I have had experience in most grades kindergarten through 8th. I love
showing students, especially those who dislike math, that math can be fun!
Fun fact: I have 5 pets living in my house which includes 3 dogs, a cat, and a rabbit.
Favorite thing about CBA: The students and getting the freedom to create my own curriculum to fit the needs of my students.

Nick Starkey

Fifth Grade

Grade you teach or position held: 5th grade teacher
Degrees/Certifications: Maryville College, B.A- Child Development and Learning, 2013.
Hometown: Grapevine, TX
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less: I started my career working with children with special needs in Dallas, TX, and working as the Activities Coordinator for a large outdoors camp in Argyle, TX. I am all about football and found my way to this wonderful area to play for the Maryville College Scots, where I decided to go into teaching as a career. I am always seeking to create an engaged, student-centered classroom where learning comes alive and the students know they are loved, and allowed to inspire their own love for our amazing curriculum.
Fun fact: You’ve never met a more passionate Dallas Cowboys fan. Ever.
Favorite thing about CBA: I love the tight community of parents, students, and faculty. This is an amazing place for your student to come and be a part of a school that truly encourages relationship building, Lifeskills, and a learning community built for the student. I have been blessed to learn from and cooperate with the best teachers in the business.

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