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Lori Vines

Lower School Technology

Grade you teach or position held: K-5 technology
Degrees/Certifications: University of Virginia dual BA Economics and Spanish, University of Memphis Master’s in Teaching
Hometown: I grew up in NJ and have lived, worked and studied in New York, Virginia, Colorado, and TN
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less: I have taught either Spanish or Technology since 1991 to every grade from pre-K through college except for 8th grade at some point in my career! When not teaching, I love spending time with my family traveling, hiking, boating, and skiing but I also enjoy time alone with a great book and a cup of tea.
Fun fact: I have been to 49 states-Hawaii is hopefully to be added in the near future!
Favorite thing about CBA: I love how we are developing future citizens with our emphasis on lifelong guidelines and life skills!

Andrea Larsen

Andrea Larsen


Andrea Larsen Art FB Page

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Grade you teach or position held: Art teacher for pre-K- 8th graders.
Degrees/Certifications: University of TN, BFA Studio Art, 2002; MA Art Education, 2014
Hometown: Walland, TN
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less: I love interacting with the joy art brings into peoples’ lives, seeing the bridges it can build between points of view, and watching children learn to think for themselves and problem solve creatively in my classroom. If I am not teaching art, I’m probably taking an art class, reading about art, or looking at art! I also love running, yoga, reading classic literature and lots of non-fiction.
Fun fact: I love roller-skating birthday parties. I have my own skates!
Favorite thing about CBA: Working with such a happy group of kids.


Lisa K

Lisa Kosier


Lisa Kosier Website

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Grade you teach or position held: Music Specialist PreK-High School
Degrees/Certifications: University of TN – Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, Graduate study in Gifted and Talented Education and Music Education
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less: I have worked in public music education for 8 years as well as private music education and church music areas for an additional 20 years. I was voted Teacher of the Year for 2010-11 and have had articles published in South Carolina local newspapers, facilitated district-wide professional development music workshops, designed arts-integrated programs for elementary classrooms, and presented innovative workshops in technology and music at State-wide music conferences.  When not working I enjoy being with my family, going to the beach, actively participating in music and worship at my church, and being with friends.
Fun fact: I love animals and have a dog, a cat, and 2 rabbits. At one time we had more pets than people in my house.
Favorite thing about CBA: The small environment making it easy to get to know all the students individually.

Abbie Fields


Grade you teach or position held: Strings
Hometown: Maryville, TN
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less:  I have enjoyed playing music for the majority of my life; I started piano lessons at age 5, and then began playing cello in my school orchestra program in 5th grade. I would have never discovered my passion for cello had I not been given the opportunity to learn to play during school, so for that reason (and many others), I am a huge advocate for in-school string programs. When I’m not teaching at CBA, you might playing in the cello sections of the Johnson City Symphony Orchestra, Oak
Ridge Symphony Orchestra, Symphony of the Mountains, Marble City Opera, and occasionally, the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. I am also a registered Suzuki cello teacher and maintain a private teaching studio.
Fun fact: I am an avid college football fan. Go Vols!
Favorite thing about CBA: The community of students, staff, and families here at CBA. Students and staff alike have been incredibly welcoming, kind, and helpful to me as I learn the ropes. I love seeing the close-knit groups of friends across all ages and grade levels here!



Sara Venable

Theater Arts

Grade you teach or position held: Upper School Theatre Arts teacher
Degrees/Certifications: BA Theatre Arts, University of Puget Sound, MA Educational Theatre, New York University
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less:  I’ve been teaching and directing theatre since 1995 and have had the pleasure of working all over the country. My career started in Seattle where I taught drama during the day and worked in professional theatre with adults at night. I then pursued a life-long dream of moving to New York City where I went to graduate school and then worked in a private school teaching theatre.  We then moved to Los Angeles and finally landed here in Knoxville in 2009.  When I’m not teaching or directing my passion is travel with my family. I’ve been to 6 continents and countless amazing countries. My second home is New York City where I love to see Broadway shows, of course!
Fun fact:  I really hate ice cream.
Favorite thing about CBA: The endless creativity and the fact that my daughter is a student here.


Stephen Taylor


Grade you teach or position held: Lower School Spanish, Regenerative Ecology AP
Hometown: Maryville, TN
Tell us about your experience in three sentences or less: As an agricultural consultant working in Central and South America, I developed a passion for people and the land they are tied to. My experience has built in me a deep love of the cultures and communities that inform the Spanish language.
Fun fact: I am a dark chocolate addict.
Favorite thing about CBA: It’s a dynamic environment for the student and for the faculty.


Naiara Centeno

High School Spanish

Grade you teach or position held: High School Spanish
Degrees/Certifications: Ph.D. in Linguistics, M.A. in Hispanic Linguistics, B.A. in English Philology
Hometown: San Sebastian, Spain
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less: I have been teaching all sorts of Spanish related courses (all levels ELE, culture, composition, literature, linguistics, business and international relations) since the year 2002 (that is already 15 years!) mostly in universities across countries and continents.
Fun fact: I lived in New Zealand for four years, where I left beautiful friends!
Favorite thing about CBA: Lifelong Guidelines and Lifeskills



Yan Yu Diaz


Grade you teach or position held: High School Mandarin Chinese Instructor
Degrees/Certifications: Masters in Music Education, SUNY Potsdam. Masters in Music, Bachelors in Music Education, Fujian Normal University, China
Hometown: China
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less:  I came from Hangzhou China, after graduating from college, I started teaching music and dance in Huangyan teacher’s school (黄岩师范学校), and two years later I went back to school and got my masters degree, then joined the faculty member in Zhejiang education institute (浙江教育学院). In the United States, I have taught Chinese in classrooms and online for SUNY Potsdam foreign language department for over two years and taught high school Chinese online for a few years afterward.  Since moving to Knoxville in 2008, I have served as principal in Knoxville Chinese Christian Church Chinese school for 4 years and taught Chinese in Bearden High school for two years.


Josh Counts

Health and Wellness

Grade you teach or position held: Athletic Director/ Wellness teacher (PreK-8th)
Degrees/Certifications: Carson-Newman University, Bachelor or Arts in Liberal Studies with Elementary Education; USAG certified
Hometown:  Greenback, TN
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less: I am a current co-owner of Gymnastics Counts, and I have been coaching the competitive gymnastics team since 2006.   I started teaching Wellness at CBA in the Fall of 2014.  I am a huge advocate for being active and playing sports.  I think sports teach many life lessons, such as, how to win and lose, how to learn from our losses, and how to work cooperatively with a team. I try to teach all of these same lessons in my class through the sports and games we play.
Fun fact:  I can do a standing back tuck. I do this for my PE classes if they are good.
Favorite thing about CBA:  I love the culture.  It has a family feel, especially on Wednesdays when we have Family Gathering and Bobcat Buddies.

Barry Lucas

Middle School STEAM

Grade you teach or position held: Middle School STEAM, Future City, Lego Robotics, High School Mechanical Drawing, Senior Capstone
Degrees/Certifications: UT Knoxville, Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering; Vanderbilt University, M.S. Materials Science and Engineering; Western Kentucky University, B.S. Physics
Hometown: Raised in Leitchfield, KY but Maryville has been home for the last 17 years.
Tell us about yourself/experience in three sentences or less: I am a lifelong learner, social advocate and lover of the outdoors!  Before joining Clayton-Bradley, I spent 15 years in academic/industrial research and 15 years as CEO of a software company I co-founded.  When I am not at school, I can usually be found on one of my several bikes or on my paddleboard in my big backyard of water.
Fun fact: I was voted best-dressed my senior year in high school.
Favorite thing about CBA: The opportunity to pass on to the next generation of students the hands-on education that I was fortunate enough to receive.

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