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Lori Vines

Lower School Technology

Lori Vines teaches the elementary technology classes at CBA.  She has a BA in Spanish and Economics from the University of Virginia and a Masters in Teaching degree from Memphis State University.  After living and working in Colorado, she and her family moved to Tennessee where she taught for ten years at Fort Craig Elementary School and for three years at Coulter Grove Intermediate School.  She loves helping students create, connect, and explore the world through technology. When not in the classroom she can be found hiking, skiing, and adventuring with her family.

Andrea Larsen

Andrea Larsen


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Andrea Larsen teaches art to pre-K through middle school students. Andrea received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Masters in Art Education from the University of Tennessee. Andrea has been with CBA since 2014. Before that, she worked as a portrait photographer. Andrea considers it her personal mission in life to teach others to create and capture beauty! She loves to pair students with the inspiration, materials, methods, and skills needed to inspire their inner artists to come out and play. Andrea is committed to teaching her students using a wide variety of cultures and artists from around the world through interdisciplinary art experiences. She passionately believes in the power of art to build cultural bridges.
Andrea loves to greet the day with a run. She also loves reading, sewing modern quilts, and eating popcorn. She lives in Maryville with her husband, Chris, and children, Olivia and Bentley.


Lisa K


Lisa Kosier


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Lisa Kosier was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee where she was exposed to and involved in music from an early age. She graduated cum laude from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and secondary concentrations in Church Music, Music History, and Music Education.
Lisa has taught music in South Carolina and Tennessee, completed graduate studies in Gifted and Talented Education, been awarded “Teacher of the Year” at Bluffton Elementary, is an active member in the National Association for Music Education, East Tennessee Vocal Association, Tennessee Music Educators Association, and is an alumni of the Tennessee Arts Academy. She has been published in South Carolina local newspapers, facilitated professional development workshops for the Beaufort County school district, designed arts integrated programs for elementary students, and presented innovative workshops in technology and music at State-wide music conferences. Lisa has led her students in performance with the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, city-wide festivals, as well as church and community events. She is also a private music instructor and church soloist.
Lisa’s desire is to share the love of music with her students and guide them to find their own perspective of the world around us through a musical lens.
When not in the classroom, Lisa enjoys spending time with her family and friends, learning to play new instruments, going to the beach, and being involved at her church.


Bill Robinson


Bill Robinson joined the CBA faculty to begin the development of an orchestra program. After completing his Bachelor and Master degrees in Music Education at University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Mr. Robinson served as orchestra director in the Maryville City Schools, teaching string students from grades 5 – 12. He is a former member of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra and former conductor of the Orchestra at Maryville College. His recent honors include being recognized as a 2011 Yale Distinguished Music Educator and a 2014 inductee into the University of Tennessee Education Department’s Hall of Honor. In addition to playing violin and arranging music for strings, he enjoys serving as interim Music Director at First Baptist Church, Maryville, cheering for the Chicago Cubs, and spending time with his wife, Martha, daughter, Bailey, and granddaughters Evey and Ella. Mr. Robinson enjoys begin able to  build an orchestra program at CBA and getting to work with a new set of talented students.



Sara Venable

Theater Arts

Sara Venable is the upper school theatre arts teacher and director.  She was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii where she attended a High School of Performing Arts which sparked her lifelong passion for theatre.  Sara obtained a Bachelors Degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Puget Sound and a Masters Degree in Educational Theatre from New York University.
Sara has lived in Seattle, New York City, Long Island and Los Angeles. She was fortunate enough to be able to teach theatre arts and direct shows in all of those amazing cities. Her family was relocated to Knoxville in 2009 with her husbands job at Scripps Networks.  Sara began guest directing at the Oak Ridge Playhouse and teaching and directing at Knoxville Catholic High School before happily landing at CBA.
When not in the classroom or in a theatre, Sara can be found spanning the globe with her family.  She has been to 6 of the 7 continents and has many exciting travel tales to tell.   Her other passions include going to New York to see plays, exploring new restaurants and going on crazy adventures with her husband Rick, daughter Kali and dog Brooklyn.


Stephen Taylor


Stephen Taylor’s background as an educator has been an international adventure that has taken him through more than 20 countries. His experience as an international aid worker/missionary living and working extensively in Latin America with native Spanish speakers has been his most most influential instructor.
As a teacher and practitioner of Sustainable Agriculture in Latin America, he was privileged to teach and train hundreds of students. He had the joy of seeing them come alive to learning through project collaboration and cross-cultural interactions. He observed how they value the process of learning, and witnessed them become successful practitioners and field workers themselves.  He is a member of various professional organizations including: Ecological Concerns for Hunger Organization ECHO, Permaculture Research Institute PRI, University of the Nations UofN, and Youth With A Mission YWAM Mexico.  He chaired the Advisory Board for Get Bridged 2009-2012, working to make people aware of different humanitarian needs around the world and offer them a variety of ways to get involved.  He currently holds a position on the Advisory Board for The Jeremiah Roak Project, serving orphans in Eastern Ukraine.


Naiara Centeno

High School Spanish

Dr. Naiara Centeno was born in the beautiful city of San Sebastian, which is on the North coast of Spain. She studied English philology for her undergraduate studies because English had always been a big part of her education. Her Bachelor of Arts comprised studies in English language, linguistics, translation, and studies on the literature of English speaking countries. One month after she was awarded her B.A. she traveled to Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, to further pursue her studies in linguistics. At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), she was awarded her M.A. in Hispanic Linguistics and completed all requisites but her dissertation towards her Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics. The Teaching Assistantship which Dr. Centeno was awarded at UIUC provided her the opportunity to start teaching Spanish as a main instructor and to continue with it the remaining four and a half years that she worked there. Dr. Centeno taught different levels of Spanish, Spanish grammar and Spanish composition at UIUC.
Throughout her first winter in U-C, something decisively fun happened. She met her husband, Dr. Agustin Rius, an Argentinian from the very region of Patagonia, who was pursuing his graduate studies in Animal Science. Dr. Centeno, whose background was ‘city-like’ and whose main interests had always been within the Arts, started to learn a lot about other fields in her conversations with him. Dr. Centeno has always had a very deep connection with her family and the home where she grew up, so she has traveled to Spain frequently. This has offered Dr. Centeno the possibility of working as Lecturer teaching Spanish in the Study Abroad program of the University of Deusto, Spain, in different academic terms. There, Dr. Centeno taught different levels of Spanish, Hispanic linguistics, Spanish for business and international relations, and Spanish culture.
Her traveling interest, which has been boosted by her husband’s view of the world, has kept on modeling her life. She also lived in Blacksburg, VA, and then in New Zealand. In Virginia, while also working long distance with her Ph.D. dissertation, Dr. Centeno worked as Visiting Research Assistant in an infant perception research laboratory. Through her four years living in New Zealand, while continuing to work on her dissertation, she worked in the University of Waikato teaching different levels of Spanish language and culture, Latin American literature, and directing research independent studies. When she was awarded her Ph.D. in Linguistics summa cum laude by the University of the Basque Country, Dr. Centeno was still living in New Zealand. Together with her husband, she enjoyed New Zealand as much as they were able to. They both love the land and the candor of the Kiwi people which will be part of their hearts forever.
Dr. Centeno and her husband moved to Tennessee because of a job her husband accepted at the University of Tennessee. Throughout this time, she has also pursued her interests in other areas of study like Traditional Chinese Medicine and other traditions in medicine. Nowadays and in parallel, she is happily starting her new amazing adventure at Clayton Bradley Academy, an inspiring place whose mission and educational philosophy has been appealing to her since day one.



Yan Yu Diaz


Ms. Yan came from Hangzhou China, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Fujian Normal University.  After graduation she taught music and dance in Huangyan teacher’s school, two years later she went back to school and got her masters degree in Ethnomusicology.  Before she left for the US, she was a full time permanent faculty member in Zhejiang education institute now called Zhejiang International Studies University.
In the US, Ms. Yan  received her master degree in Music Education from Crane school of music in SUNY Potsdam.  She taught Chinese in classrooms and online  for SUNY Potsdam foreign language department for over two years, and taught high school Chinese online for few years afterward.  Since she moved to Knoxville in 2008, she served as principal in Knoxville Chinese Christian Church Chinese school for four years, and taught Chinese in Bearden High school for two years.  Ms. Yan lives in west Knoxville with her husband and two children.


Josh Counts

Health and Wellness

Josh Counts serves as the PE and Wellness teacher, as well as, the Athletic Director at CBA.  He received his degree in Education from Carson-Newman University, in Jefferson City, Tennessee. He is excited to have been apart of  Clayton-Bradley Academy since 2014.
Josh has been active in sports his entire life.  He played almost every sport growing up. In high school, he played football, baseball, and ran track.  He is a co-owner of a gymnastics training facility, Gymnastics Counts, in Blount County. Josh did gymnastics from the age of 2 until he was 18 years old.  Josh continues to be very involved in gymnastics as a coach and has been coaching gymnastics at the competitive level since 2006.  He is also active in Young Life as a Young Life leader.
In addition to his teaching responsibilities at CBA, Josh also serves as the Athletic Director.  CBA is in the process of building its sports programs.  Several sports teams such as cross country, tennis, volleyball and flag football have already been started.  CBA will continue to add more sports as it grows.  Having a sports programs is important because Learning at CBA involves not just the mind, but also the body. Staying fit and active helps each student become a well-rounded learner. Josh is excited to work with the students at CBA.


Mark Runge

High School STEAM & Art

Mark Runge has always been an artist. As a young child he illustrated and bound his stories into books and sold them around the neighborhood. He ran wild through the woods creating friends with whom only he could play and bringing to life out of the refuse of others places that existed only in his mind. Some of his best art moments occurred on stormy, Florida nights when the power went out, and his family gathered at the kitchen table to draw by lamplight.
His formal art training began in grade school, where his handwriting was so bad that one of his teachers took a special interest in him (Thank you Mrs. Coleman!). She used art to help with his writing; his penmanship is still pretty bad, but the art certainly took! He went to a vocational high school, and for three hours a day he studied graphic art. He learned to set type, run presses, and work with substrates like paper and board. He was introduced to the importance of design, color theory, and many of the art practices he still uses today. His college art career started at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida, wound its way up to the Maryland Institute, College of Art, in Baltimore, Maryland, and culminated when he earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of South Florida.
Mr. Runge has always been mechanically inclined. He rebuilt his first truck with his father before he could legally drive it. He was trained in automotive engineering in the army, where he served as a track vehicle mechanic with the 5th Combat Engineers in Iraq. He worked as an auto technician after the army until he became interested in injection mold processing; and then he took a job making molds and operating machines as big as a bus!
It was in graduate school where his two loves were married, and he started to create kinetic art. Making gears and levers out of wood and found objects became a challenge he readily accepted. It was here, too, that he came to love teaching. In his first semester he was given two drawing classes because he excelled as a draftsman. After he left grad school he continued to teach at Eckerd College, a small four-year school on Florida’s gulf coast. He left there to teach at Shorecrest School, Florida’s oldest independent day school, where he fell in love with teaching to high school students a variety of classes in traditional and digital media.
During his travels he received a wide-ranging variety of commendations including the SW Asia Campaign Medal with two Bronze Service Stars, multiple grants to travel and to study Chinese art and culture, including a National Endowment for the Humanities Award, and many awards for his artwork in local, state, and national art competitions. He has had some amazing and wonderful experiences, like hiking alone in the Negev Desert while living in Israel, commingling with the multitudes of people in Beijing, China, and getting punched in the chest by Robert Bly! Most recently he became the heir to the Sunhearth Appalachian Dulcimer building tradition.
Mark lives with two cats, André Flyrod and Allowicious.


Scott Smith

Informational Technology/Coding

Scott Smith has joined the CBA family this year and specializes in Information Technology. He is from a military family and has grown up living in many different places in the United States and abroad. He was born an East Tennessean and considers himself to have returned to the promised land of Tennessee. He is married to his wife Christi Smith and they have three kids and live in Maryville. He has two pets (a cat “Sammie” and a bird “Eli”) of whom he is oftentimes seen making “co-habitate”. He is a dedicated member of the Boy Scouts of America and has been a volunteer for them for the past 6 years working with boys ages 11-18.
His education is in Communications and Photography and is currently pursuing degrees and certifications for Computer Science. He has a long history of working in and with network administration, computer integration, and systems engineering. His passions are innovative technology and photography. He considers himself to be an avid tinkerer and loves to discover how things work. His hobbies include: Photography, Cinema, Music, Art, Design, Electronics, Hiking, and spending time with his family and kids.

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