There are several ways to support Clayton-Bradley STEM Academy:

Innovative Education Partnership, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is embarking on an aggressive capital campaign

to establish Clayton-Bradley STEM Academy in East Tennessee’s Innovation Valley, offer scholarships to students and develop innovative education outreach initiatives.

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Donors, foundations and corporations–who support the establishment of a unique, high-performing, innovative K-12 school in East Tennessee–are invited to help provide Clayton-Bradley STEM Academy with start-up capital, which is fueled by a generous lead gift from Clayton Homes. Contributions provide start-up operating capital, technology for students, furnishings and site enhancements.


We believe this opportunity should be available to any student who would most benefit from this type of learning environment. Sponsors have the opportunity to offer full-scholarships to low-income students who have the potential to excel in a STEM environment. Donations will also sponsor partial financial aid to eligible families with an unwavering commitment to the mission and vision of Clayton-Bradley.


We are developing initiatives to serve public and private schools as an institute for sharing best practices and innovative teaching techniques. The school shares and demonstrates its successes with technology and hands-on materials, in turn helping educational intuitions make decisions and investments for their students.
We also serve as active contributors and collaborators to regional STEM academies, school programs and networks.


Clayton Homes and the staff at Clayton-Bradley are blazing new trails in creating a unique partnership between educators and businesses to offer students real-world experiences in an integrated STEM learning environment.
We will look to innovative companies and STEM organizations to serve as field study hubs. Industry leaders serve as teacher-collaborators and classroom speakers.

To learn more, contact us at (865) 494-1222 or contact us. Innovative Education Partnership is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

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