Lower School

At Clayton-Bradley Academy, our faculty and staff work together to ensure

our students have a well-rounded experience through STEM and Project-Based Learning

that is centered through strong language skills and fine arts.

About Our Lower School

Clayton-Bradley Academy is dedicated to creating a student-centered, positive, and challenging environment where all students excel. Our lower school students will be continuously assessed in multiple ways so they can reach their highest potential regardless of age or grade. It is more essential than ever that we constantly re-evaluate what we believe students should know. Learn more about our high expectations here.

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Looping refers to the not-so-new, but increasingly common, practice of keeping groups of students together for two or more years with the same teacher.

According to research findings, the academic benefits of looping include:

Teachers gain extra teaching time. “Getting-to-know-you” time becomes virtually unnecessary during the second year.
Teacher knowledge about a child’s intellectual strengths and weaknesses increase in ways that are impossible to achieve in a single year.
Students reap benefits from time spent on developing social skills and cooperative group strategies in subsequent years.
Looping encourages a stronger sense of community and family among parents, students, and teachers.

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