Upper School

Upper School students utilize the process of inquiry to investigate complex, real-world problems.

Through these carefully designed, standards-based investigations, students integrate

knowledge from multiple content areas to design solutions to various problems.

About Upper School

Clayton-Bradley Academy is dedicated to creating a student-centered, positive, and challenging environment where all students excel. Upper school teachers direct and pursue learning opportunities that are engaging, develop critical thinking skills, and provide students with the opportunities to compete and have fun. Learn more about our high expectations here.

Essential Elements of Project-Based Learning

Key Curricular Content – Project-Based Learning is built around crucial, grade-level standards formed across all subject areas.

Driving Question – Each project is built around an open-ended, driving question that students use to form their explorations and investigations.

Inquiry Focus – Students dive into an extended timeline and process of asking questions, using resources, and developing answers.

Future Essentials – Students build experiences critical to future education and career performance, such as team collaboration, critical thinking skills, innovation, and creativity.

Student Choices – With teacher supervision and guided development, students are allowed to make decisions on their time, product, and how they work together.

Going Public – Students share new knowledge with those outside of the classroom by presenting their solutions and findings in a public forum or medium.


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Follow the links below to learn more about the great opportunities available to CBA Upper School students. Along with Upper School curriculum, these learning opportunities create engaging, critical-thinking based, competitive, and fun learning exercises.


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